Here’s What Not To Fix When Selling a House

Thanks to certain home improvement channels, renovations might seem like a relatively easy way to increase your home’s value. A new door, new floors, a coat of paint, and a few new appliances appear to strap a bottle rocket to the price tag. Never mind the market conditions, price comparisons and other contributing factors — every […]

How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring in 7 Steps

Whether you’re cultivating a vegetable crop or planting some beautiful blooms, a garden is a great way to freshen up your home for the spring (and it doesn’t hurt that it boosts your home equity, either). No matter where you fall on the green thumb spectrum—no judgment for the horticulturally challenged among us—there are some […]

Pet-Friendly House Tips: Best Home Features for Pets

Some say pets are the new kids. Whether you agree or not, it’s no secret that our fur babies are like family. So, how can you make sure your next home purchase or home renovation provides a pet-friendly house for them? Let’s explore some of the best home features for pets. 7 home features to create the ultimate pet-friendly […]